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Friday, 31 May 2013

How to cure dandruff at home

Dandruff is shedding of the dead skin from the scalp. It usually gets washed out with normal washes. But about 50% of the population faces with a permanent and more disturbing problem with excess flaking of the scalp.

Dandruff makes the scalp itchy. Regular and continuous itching makes the flakes fall down to shoulders and face area which can cause serious problem of acne.

Also severe dandruff can lead to hair loss and partial baldness.

Here, I will be sharing with you some homemade remedies to treat dandruff.

1.      I have always used Lemon as advised by my mom to treat dandruff. Massage scalp with a mixture made of equal quantities of lime juice and vinegar. Keep practicing this every time you take a wash.

2.      Neem has anti-fungal properties that can be effective in treating dandruff. Boil neem leaves in water and use this water to rinse hair.

3.      Those who don’t have a sensitive nose can go for this treatment. Beat 2-3 eggs with water, add a pinch of shampoo to it. Once it starts foaming apply the mixture to the scalp and massage it. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse. This is a very effective technique.

4.      Another technique is to use Aspirin tablets. Make sure your skin isn’t super sensitive. Crush 2 aspirin tablets into powder and mix it with your regular shampoo every time while taking a head wash. Leave the shampoo on hair for 2 minutes. Make sure you are not using too harsh shampoo.

5.      A massage with lukewarm olive oil can control dandruff. Mix some quantity of coconut oil to make a thinner consistency.

6.      Black pepper can be grounded and mixed with oil and applied to the scalp. This will also help prevent dandruff. 

So keep all these techniques in mind and try implementing them. A regular application of any of the above technique can cure your dandruff to a certain extent.

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