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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

EverYuth Naturals Lemon Face Wash Review

Today I will be reviewing one of my most used face wash. I got this product for the first time I guess 3 years ago and since then have been using it at least once in a day. I have a lot of face wash (and I mean A LOT) well this is one which has survived a lot of refills.

This 100% soap-free face wash gently deep cleanses your skin without making it dry and stretchy. It effectively removes dirt, bacteria & skin impurities and nourishes your skin.

Key ingredients:
  • Lemon: Deep cleanses and tones the skin
  • Green Apple: Refreshing cleanser with natural minerals and proteins
  • Honey: Natural moisturizer that softens and nourishes the skin.

Net Volume: 100 ml+25 ml extra free

M.R.P: Rs 55

I have an oily combination skin. Although we need to moisturize the skin once, but even a little moisturizer makes my skin oily instantly. So I needed something which makes my skin oil free but doesn’t make it dry or itchy which will make me use moisturizer.
So BINGO!! I was never a big fan of everyuth products. But this one struck the right cord. 

Have been using since 3 years and it has never disappointed me. It comes in gel based form. Neither too runny nor too thick. It cleans the face really well!! Squeaky Clean…clean! It doesn’t have an intense smell

It has a citrus smell which is very fresh. The smell doesn’t last long but makes you feel fresh. Also its very affordable and comes in varying sizes which makes it easy to carry. It removes all the makeup easily. Even the waterproof ones.

·        Affordable
·        Stands to claims
·        Makes skin oilfree for 3-4 hours atleast
·        No intense smell
·        Travel friendly pack
·        Doesn’t dry out the skin

·        Not a good choice for people with dry skin

Rating: 4/5 (-1 because it cannot be used by everyone)


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