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Thursday, 27 June 2013

5 MUST HAVE Shoes in Every Woman's Wardrobe

There is something about shoes that you cannot resist!! At least not me. I simply love Shoes…!!!

If you have visited my FB page you will definitely notice my love for shoes from the cover page. If you haven’t, why delay…have a look here.

They are one of my many loves. I have a collection of shoes; I guess I have covered every type. So this post is about the must have shoes in every gals wardrobe.
I love high heels but you can’t always just throw them up and head out. I think twice before wearing heels, coz Comfort is my Mantra!

I am listing the simple and easily available types, so that you can get them easily next time you go shoe shopping.

     1.      Wedges

You want the height, you want the feel but you don’t want the heels. Then wedges are something you should buy. They are comfortable. They will give you the height from 3-6 inches and you can walk as if you are wearing something as comfy as flats. These are my favorites. Also they can be used from summer to winter and they look too cute!

      2.      Sneakers

These is a must have healthy option. You heading out for an outing, a picnic or something let’s say shopping where you may need to walk around a lot (that’s my style of shopping… I hop from stores to stores), so these is something you should wear. It’s the most comfortable thing that can happen to your feet. It won’t hurt you and support your arches and will comfort you always. I would prefer something from a really good brand for this one.

       3.      Stilettos

OH! The sexiest of the lot. They are super sexy and super chic. If you are heading out for a party or a gals nite out this is where you should start your fun from. You can have them in lot of colors and shimmer as well if you like. But if you are hunting for just one go for basic black or nude. So that you can use them everywhere. I know they do hurt a bit, but no gains without pain.

I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.
Marilyn Monroe

      4.      Kitten heels

You want to look feminine but your feet are tired, these are the pair of shoes you should head for then. They are feminine, ultra comfortable and look fabulous. If you are heading for a interview, a gathering, brunch or just a small party this is something you should definitely look for. They won’t heel more than 2 inches but definitely give you a good look.
      5.      Party wears (sandals, peep-toes…)

Here is something which you need for your events and weddings to attend. We have a lot of ethnic wear to sport and hence always have something handy in a festive color. Make sure its not too high because mostly you end up spending a lot of time and you don’t want something uncomfortable happening to your feet. I usually go for something red, golden, beige as it goes with most of outfits. 

 Isn't this pair pretty!! I am literally in love with this one right now!

My dream btw :-P This is what Mariah Carey's Shoes collection looks like :


 Disclaimer : All the images are taken from internet . Please let me know in case you want to pull any of them down or add a caption. Thanks for the awesome photography.

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