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Friday, 21 June 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry

So this is another lip balm I am going to review. Surely the name created a craze round the corner. I mean “baby lips” is surely a catchy name.

Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry (4 g) Price: Rs.125

What does the product say?
Your lips are the tender part of your body; vulnerable to all environmental damage, they need external protection. This Maybelline Baby Lips Antioxidant Berry will never let your precious lips be unprotected. Our lips do not have the ability to moisturize themselves at regular periods so that they stay soft and supple all the time. It is up to us to keep our lips hydrated by drinking enough water and ensuring that nourishment reaches the skin.  A protective SPF 20 will keep the lips safe from sun damage so that red lips are eternal and kisses are aplenty. The antioxidant properties of berry infused in this balm will keep your lips free from environmental damage for longer. The lip balm is ideal for boys and girls.

Directions for Use
    Start by applying stick from center of upper lip.
    Glide over lower lip and smack away.


This product comes in a tube/chapstick form. So yay! Happy about that. It makes it easy to carry and easy to apply. The lip balm is non-tinted. So do not expect any color to show up. That’s what makes it unisex, so even guys can use this. It has a very subtle shine, hardly visible.

 It’s affordably priced. It stands true to its claims. It does give you soft lips. I won’t say it works for 8 hours but you can consider it working for maybe 4 hours or so. It definitely moisturizes your lips and makes them baby soft. You can reapply it whenever needed.

It comes in many variants, tinted as well as non-tinted.
Care Range - 2 flavors - INR 125/-
·         Baby Lips Mango Pie
·         Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry
Color Range- 5 flavors - INR 150/-
·         Baby Lips Cherry kiss
·         Baby Lips Berry Crush
·         Baby Lips Coral Flush
·         Baby Lips Pink Lolita
·         Baby Lips Rose Addict

I want to try out the pink Lolita next. The name somehow is fun!!
Anyways, it’s definitely a good buy. Be least assured that you will be disappointed.

No color
Works well
Non sticky
Doesn’t work for 8 hours

Rating: 4/5


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