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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Weekend Vibes

This article is especially for the weekend. Can’t promise if it would be innovative every week. But why not get started and worry about that later

5 things I want to do this weekend. Nothing serious with the order.

      1.     Watch movie.
I love movies. No genre specific. I used to hate action movies but I kind of like them these days.
So I have planned to watch World War Z this weekend. This is the first movie ever that I am watching alone in a theatre.  Those who know me know for a fact that I scream in horror movies. I hope that this movie has the least horror factor if at all it has any. God bless the one who sits next to me.

      2.     Start reading a new book
I have been stacking up books for a while to read. Postponing every day to start a new book. So this weekend I am so going to start reading one…FOR SURE.

      3.     Clean the room
I guess and hope it universally applies to everyone. My room is a mess right now. So I wish to clean it since a long time. Hope I do it today. And I usually find something interesting and long forgotten when I clean my room. So that’s the exciting part.

      4.     Go shopping
Oh! This is something I can do every day. But I hear “rumors” of a lot of SALE going on on a variety of stores. So I am thinking of grabbing something if I hit a good deal. I am not aming for something specific. I ALWAYS GO SHOPPING WITH A OPEN MIND AND COME BACK WITH A EMPTY POCKET. So fingers crossed...!!

      5.     Catch up with old friends
I have been wanting to meet a lot of old friends in my recent trip to my hometown. But alas, my health went bad I ended up relaxing a lottttttttttt at home. So I want to call them up and catch up with them. So let’s see how well I do this (Note: I hate talking on Phone)
So what are you guys planning to do this week??


Happy Weekend!!

 Disclaimer : All the images are taken from internet . Please let me know in case you want to pull any of them down or add a caption. Thanks for the awesome photography.

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