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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Things that bring a sudden smile on your face?

How many things are there in this whole beautiful world that can make you smile instantaneously. If not a smile a smirk would be enough. Or are you too snooty to give it away for small things. Well, I was just lying down on my bed and thinking about such things…which make me happy even for a tiny second.

On a side note, these are little petty things which might not be very important and pass away as the day passes but I stop and notice them and make myself feel happy about it.

1.       Rain and the smell of earth when it rains.

2.       A beautiful song which was once on loop in my iPod and falls on my ears again after a while.

3.       Chicken, when I am literally starving.

4.       Smell of an untouched fresh book.

5.       A well-arranged wardrobe

6.       A new accessory, clothing etc (maybe a little materialistic)

7.       A new watch ( I love them)

8.       A baby’s innocent eyes

9.       A call from a long lost friend

10   A calm and quiet afternoon. I need some lone time once in a while.

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