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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Trend Alert! - Stripes!

This season’s trend is somewhat stripy! Anyways I personally love stripes. They are clean, neat and look chic. If you want to go bold get broader stripes want to look classy narrow them down. We can have any look using stripes. So here is a sneak peek into them.

 I guess everyone is aware of the myth that horizontal stripes make you look fat. Well I say nothing makes you look fat unless you have those extra pounds. I personally feel that “If its stripes…it’s gotta be horizontal! “ They look ultra-mod and are evergreen. Vertical stripes too look good but they are not my personal favorite!

 These are some tips on stripes

      1.      You can wear striped sweater. Bold color block as base any maybe two bod stripes in contrast across the sweater. I love that combination. It looks very classy even when you are portraying bold colors.

       2.      Stripe tees are the most popular ones! You can throw them on a pair of jeans or shorts and have a very casual look. It’s comfortable and complements well.

      3.      Stripe dresses and skirts are in this season. You can either cut the too much stripe nature by a color block blazer or scarf in case of a dress. Color block top with stripes as skirt look very mod and fab!

      4.      Black and white is classic stripes. But well you can experiment and throw in some color. If you are not very comfortable start with needle stripes in the beginning and then move towards the bolder ones.

      5.      If still not comfortable with stripes but want to use them. Then the last resort is striped accessories.

 Happy Stripes!!


 Disclaimer : All the images are taken from internet . Please let me know in case you want to pull any of them down or add a caption. Thanks for the awesome photography.

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