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Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to hit off the times when you feel BLUE.

May It be coming back from vacation and straight to office or only some random day when you don’t feel good about yourself. Feel exceptionally depressed without any reason.
You must have gone through this mood swings on and off…sometimes frequently sometimes very rarely.
This article will lead you through a few tips that would help you to get you of the blueness you find yourself in
1.     If you don’t feel like doing anything, just wake up …shake off a bit. Wash your face with cool water, put on a nice perfume or aroma candles. If you are not feverish then take a hot water bubble bath. Let it extend.

2.     Music – made for every emotion. But if you are feeling depressed refrain from putting on some sad songs…that would accentuate your feelings. Put on something catchy, hip hop music or your favorite music list.

3.     Watch a good movie. Go to you tube… watch some funny videos. Laugh your heart out..!!!! Relax a bit.

4.     Still feeling blue. Just get dressed up and hit the malls with a friend or even alone. Go to your usual spa or massage center. Indulge in some soothing spa treatment. That surely will make you feel better.

5.     You can call up your family or that one friend whom you were intending to talk since a long time. Chit chat…bring on some old memories…make plans to catch up

6.     I would say work is the last thing you should do now… but if that keeps you busy, makes you feel you are making use of time. Go ahead do it.

7.     Go for a nice cozy lunch or dinner. I know depression makes you intolerable towards all the “calarious” stuff. You can cheat on your diet once in a while.

8.     Go shopping...:) it surely does cheer me up. And you have nothing much to lose if you spend a bit on your wardrobe.

9.     Still feeling blue?? Time to pack those bags and hit the road. Pull in some of your friends and shoot off to a weekend gateaway. This might be your much needed break.

10.                       If you still feel depressed talk to your family /hubby about it.
There is something that they can do which is more personal and special to you and cheer you up

So this is your cheat sheet to kick of the blues. Hope you all enjoyed it.
Have fun …!!! Keep smiling..!!

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