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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Say You are Punctual ….In style..!!

These days I am having a fetish for Watches. Earlier, I used to have one watch and then carry it everywhere… until it either wears off or breaks down.
Now watches are no less than fashion statements… and I think most of you will agree with me on this.
There isn’t a master watch that goes with all outfits and I am definitely not the person who goes out without a watch
I wanted to shed some light on the minimal kind of watches every women should have.
Nothing says "It’s my time" like owning a really nice watch — not only are you telling the world that you're punctual, but you're saying it with style, too.

Types :

Chronograph watch :
I know this type is dominated by male class, but it doesn’t hurt to adapt to something so beautiful. They are a bit on the techy side rather than fashion.
But they go awesomely well with formal wear. They give a business class to the entire outfit. Make sure that you get one with the metallic strap because I personally think that the belt ones aren’t that classy for this type.

Vintage Watches :
Who doesn’t like to show off something from the vintage?
Well they look great with white and pastel outfits. Mostly if you are going for a Sunday brunch with the family or to a classical day party. You should definitely get one..!!
Fossil is a great brand to get the watches with vintage look.

Sports watch :
There  is a special edition in all the famous series for the sports watch : sports edition.
They look tough and strong. You should get this watch for all the adventure holidays , beaches n safari’s you are planning.
Most of them are waterproof… make sure you cross check once again.

Gold watch :
Every girl should have a chunky piece of gold watch. They look timelessly classic.
They just sit there and attract everyone’s attention. It’s for all those weddings and lavish parties you attend. Make sure to check out Rose gold collection – that’s my favourite.

Silver Watch:
This watch is a must have if you are a working women. You cannot always accessorize yourself with statement jewelry when in office. This piece does that for you. You can go for one with the studs or something of that sort if you want a Bling..!!

Luxury watch:
These days brand spells out lifestyle. This segment of watches is for those times when you are with someone really important and you want to make an impression. No jewelry is as impressive as a good time piece.

SO..Have a great time..!!!

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